About Us

Exploration and mining, processing, trading specifically mineral resources and commodities to Global markets

Most companies only specialize in a single aspect of the mining business.

At FIDELIUM (PTY) LTD we think and plan very differently.

We have seen that there are many opportunities in South Africa and much poverty in the rural communities.

However there is hope for a better future especially now that the South African government has given mineral rights to many rural community’s to empower them to become self-sufficient.

Yet they do not always have the funds or knowledge to make use of this.

FIDELIUM (pty) LTD Then enters into partnership with them.

Whereupon FIDELIUM (pty) LTD will then find the necessary investors to fund the project and plan the prospecting or mining of the resources to the benefit of all parties involved.

This then becomes a win,win situation and the local community will then be able to have certain benefits for themselves and their needs. FIDELIUM (pty) LTD will also help them to plan for their needs as they may be varied and will be different for each community. For example a clinic, a shop, a school, housing or further education after school.

In our business plan we start with finding the potential BEE partners with the necessary mineral rights for exploration, which eventually leads to prospecting and then to mining and marketing.