What We Do

Fidelium (Pty) Ltd benefits from an experienced management team who, individually and as a team, have successfully completed a wide range of challenging business projects. Our in-depth experience covers mining exploration through to production with a comprehensive understanding of metallurgy and recovery systems. We offer a wide range of services, with our main focus on commodity trading and project management.

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We offer an extensive range of commodity trading related services. We have great partnerships with several Triple A rated companies around the globe, and it is through this great network that we can offer services in:
Logistical solutions
Import/export of sugar
Import/export of coal

project finance

Project Finance

Fidelium has various international partners. Through this network we are able to assist putting together the correct partnerships. Through these partnerships we are able to create a platform to enable you to be in a position to finance bigger projects. Each individual project has it’s own requirements and challenges, and we strive to tailor each project to the client’s needs.



Our main focus of business is in the commodity trading and project management and finance sector.  The vast experience we bring to the table is readily available to our clients and partners. We can assist in many areas, from trading, logistics to full project management.  We offer a consulting service to enable our clients and partners to reach their goals.